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Twin Wire Arc Spray Coating Service

In-House and Field Services Available

Ideal for applications that require heavy coating build up without high substrate heating, we offer twin wire arc coatings for both in-house and on-site surface treatment operations. Designed specifically for applying conductive metal as well as cermets, this thermal spray coating technique is a cost-effective alternative to high chrome alloys and cermets wear coatings for non-critical applications.

The high feed stock capability of our twin wire arc system also allows us to coat huge surface areas, including large rolls and structural surfaces. These thick coatings are also used in part restoration. Our twin wire arc coatings can be applied on IDs as low as 8”. A unique feature of this type of thermal spray coating is that it allows us to offer custom fifty-by-fifty pseudo-alloy coatings.


Field Services

We complement our production facility with the addition of on-site thermal spray coating capabilities. With over (10) years experience in field services.

Our capabilities have matured to include:

Portable Blasting Equipment
Dust Collection Equipment
Rotating Equipment
Rotating & Traversing Equipment
Portable Process Coating Equipment
but NOT limited to...

To insure your project is completed to the highest level of production quality while still on site.

Field Services exclude finish machining


Thermal Spray Coating
Robotic / Automated Production
Testing and Inspection
Field Services

Secondary Services

Diamond Grinding

Available Materials

And More

Lead Times

2-4 Weeks Typical
Same Day, Next Day, (1) Week Premium Services Available

Part Quantities

Prototype to Production

Part Dimensions (max/min as applicable)

15" ID X 20 ft in Length
7 FT OD x 30 FT in Length
Field Services Available
XY 6 FT x 12 FT

Maximum Service Hardness Available

88 Rb (for example)

Bond Strength

In excess of 9,800 PSI Available (for example)

Surface Finish

As low as 200-Ra As-Spray Finished (for example)

Minimum Surface Thickness Available

0.030” (for example)

Application Capabilities

Hand Spray
High Production Multi-Spindle Applications
Robotic Controlled

Testing Capabilities

Corrosion Testing
Mechanical Testing
Thermal Testing


And Others
Corrosion Protection
Electrical Contacts
EMI/RFI Shielding
Exposed Outdoor Structure Protection
Journal and Bearing Repair and Buildup
Roll Resurfacing

Industries Served

Fluid Handling
Material Handling
Military / Government Projects
Power Generation
Pulp & Paper
And More

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