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90/10 WC-Ni

Purtech 90/10 tungsten carbide-Nickel coatings offer an alternate binder material for applications where cobalt may not be suitable. These coating are produced by the application of a dense carbide material through our HVOF thermal spray systems. The nickel binder enhances the coatings performance in high PH, acidic or otherwise corrosive environments. The carbide phase distribution maximizes both macro and micro hardness.

The 90/10 tungsten carbide-Nickel is a premium material highly resistant to wear by abrasive grains, particle erosion and hard surfaces at temperatures up to 1000 degrees F (540 C). It is not as wear resistant as 88/12 cobalt coatings, but offers greater longevity in applications where a corrosion element is coupled with a surface wear.

These coatings have been used to prevent wear in Mining, Petrochemical and Steel industry applications.

Finished coatings appear as a solid material and can be diamond ground to a 2-4 RMS or superfinished to less than 1 RMS.

The information provided is believed to be accurate, however actual coating properties may vary due to part geometry, preparation method, and other application and part constraints. No warrantee is expressed or implied.

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  Material Application Method Particle Size (microns) Porosity (Vol.%) Macro-hardness (Rc) Cross Sectional Hardness (DPH300) As Sprayed Surface Finish (AA) Ground Finish (AA) Tensile Bond Strength (PSI) Thickness Limit (inches)
90/10 WC-Ni AS Plasma -45/ +15 NA NA NA 250-350 8-12 >5000 0.01
90/10 WC-Ni AS HVOF -45/ +15 <2 62 1200 150-250 5/8/2013 >10000 >0.02
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