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86/10/4 WC-Co-Cr

Purtech offers a valiety of 86/10/4 tungsten carbide coatings. Deposited utilizing Plasma or HVOF thermal spray technology, these coatings can provide excellent wear resistance coupled with a corrosive element.

The 86/10/4 carbides have a cobalt chromium matrix and produce sonic of the hardest and most wear resistant tungsten carbide coatings avilable. Some of the more expensive materials are also the most stress neutral allowing for veiy high thickness limits. It should be noted that the true usefulness of these stress neutral coatings is not merely the high thickness limit, but rather the high thickness liiuit allows the use of these coatings on irregular surfaces which may be prone to inconsistent coating thickness.

Various carbide particle sizes and processing techniques are employed that allow us to produce coatings tailored to each applications need.

Applied using Plasma Flame Spray technology, these carbide coatings provide excellent wear protection. traction. and anti-galling characteristics. Low substrate heating make these coatings ideal for thin substrates and the use of special 1D equipment allows us to coat ‘s down to 4”.

When applied using HVOF technology, these carbide coatings caii provide up to 5x the resistance to wear and particle erosion as their Plasma applied equivalents. These coatings are recommended for use in petrochemical. pulp and paper. and power generation applications.

Finished coatings appear as a solid material and can be diamond ground to a 2-4 RIiS or superfinished to less than 1 RMS.

The information provided is believed to be accurate, however actual coating properties may vary due to part geometry, preparation method, and other application and part constraints. No warrantee is expressed or implied.

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  Material Application Method Particle Size (microns) Porosity (Vol.%) Macro-hardness (Rc) Cross Sectional Hardness (DPH300) As Sprayed Surface Finish (AA) Ground Finish (AA) Tensile Bond Strength (PSI) Thickness Limit (inches)
86/10/4 WC-Co-Cr AS HVOF -45/ +15 <2 64-66 1000-1250 150-200 5-8 >11000 0.02
86/10/4 WC-Co-Cr ASD HVOF -45/ +15 <2 64 1160 150-200 5-8 >11000 0.02
86/10/4 WC-Co-Cr SC HVOF -45/ +11 <1 68-70 1000-1260 150-250 5-8 >11000 0.02
86/10/4 WC-Co-Cr SDS HVOF -53/ +11 <1 65-68 1000-1275 150-200 5-8 >12000 >0.040
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