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80/20 WC-Co

Our 80/20 duplex tungsten carbide-cobalt material is specially designed for application with Low Velocity Combustion Gas (LVCG) or HVOF thermal spray technology. These coatings are truly versatile and well suited for low or high angle abrasionierosion and sliding wear.

Unlike most other sintered carbide nrnterials. this 80/20 duplex carbide was designed with the intent of applying it using LVCG technology. The resulting coating exhibits a much greater percentage of out of solution carbides then similar materials deposited using this process. Because of the flexibility of the LVCG process. the resultant coating is exceptionally well suited for difficult in-field applications, as well as. application requiring a heavy coating thickness.

As is the case with most carbide coatings. application using HVOF technology enhances coating properties. Out of solution carbides greatly increase and porosity is negligible. These carbide coatings are tough and forgiving on difficult pail geometries. They provide excellent resistance to wear and particle erosion.

Successful applicationjs include boiler waterwall tubes. high pressure plungers. valve bores. capstans. and an endless variety of wearing pails in the mining. petrochemical. electrical utility and dry bulk material handling industries.Finished EVOF coatings appear as a solid niaterial and can be diamond ground to a 2-4 RMS or superfinished to less than 1 RMS.

The information provided is believed to be accurate, however actual coating properties may vary due to part geometry, preparation method, and other application and part constraints. No warrantee is expressed or implied.

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  Material Application Method Particle Size (microns) Porosity (Vol.%) Macro-hardness (Rc) Cross Sectional Hardness (DPH300) As Sprayed Surface Finish (AA) Ground Finish (AA) Tensile Bond Strength (PSI) Thickness Limit (inches)
80/20 WC-Co Duplex LVCG -53/ +10 <2 56-59 850-950 350-450 8-10 8000 0.05
80/20 WC-Co Duplex HVOF -53/ +10 <2 56-59 850-950 250-350 5-8 >12000 0.035
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