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50/50 CrC-NiCr

Purtech 50/50 nickel-chromium clad chromium carbide coatings provide excellent resistance to particle erosion and high temperature corrosion. Tlìe metal cladding protects the chromium carbide crystals during application and prevents decarburization. Tlìe increased binder level gives the coating a toughness that is superior to the 80/20 clad material.

Applied using Plasma Flame Spray technology, these carbide coatings are very dense. In addition. the cladding process ensures a unifonu carbide dispersion throughout the coating. These coatings typically provide (3) times the resistance to wear when compared to blended chromium carbide materials. Coatings caii be applied robotically to OD’s. flat and irregular surfaces. and D’s to 4”.

Coatings can be used in elevated temperatures to 1500 degrees F.

As in the case of all of our EVOF carbide coatings. die 50/50 nickel-chromium clad chromium carbide coating exhibits extremely high bond strengths and negligible porosity. Out of solution carbides and touglmess are optimized.

The information provided is believed to be accurate, however actual coating properties may vary due to part geometry, preparation method, and other application and part constraints. No warrantee is expressed or implied.

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  Material Application Method Particle Size (microns) Porosity (Vol.%) Macro-hardness (Rc) Cross Sectional Hardness (DPH300) As Sprayed Surface Finish (AA) Ground Finish (AA) Tensile Bond Strength (PSI) Thickness Limit (inches)
50/50 CrC-NiCr Clad Plasma -45/ +5 NA 49 600 120-250 12-20 8500 0.01
50/50 CrC-NiCr Clad HVOF -45/ +15 <1 63 750 120-200 5-8 >12000 >0.025
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